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Thomas McCarthy – Let the Un-digging Begin


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Let the un-digging begin. This is an intense poetry workshop spent in an atmosphere of ecology and poems as a restorative activity. The workshop hours will be spent in intensive searching after the best humane and holistic possibilities of texts presented.
We will work to put things back, not to take things away; this is poetry-workshopping as a meitheal cháirde, a fiercely protective intense building-up of the creative self.
We will work as far as possible to identify a poet’s distinctive atmosphere, the driving creative atmosphere of each poet, and to build on the possibilities of each poet’s unique personal stories.
We’re going to resurrect the turf of life you’ve already burned and bring it back to the wildflower bog where your soul was first made whole. Leave your cantankerous and individualistic ego at the cross-roads, we’re going to rise up after these six hours with one prodigious communal ego. We will be poets made mighty.
That’s what I’m after in this workshop.